Siemens programmable logic controllers are offer a wide variety of features including modular control, embedded automation and pc-based controllers.

Product Description
305-20TOutput Module, 115/230 VAC Output, 8 pts
305-20NInput Module, 115 VAC, 8 pts
305-15TOutput Module, 24 VDC Sink,16 pts, removable terminals
305-12TOutput Module, 24 VDC Sink, 2 Amp 4 pts
305-10TOutput Module, 24 VDC Sink, 8 pts
305-05TOutput Module, Relay, 16 pts, removable terminals
305-05NInput Module, 24 VDC Sink, 16 pts, removable terminals
305-04B10-Slot Chassis with Power Supply, 115/230 VAC
305-02NInput Module, 24 VAC/DC Source, 8 pts
305-02DMData Communications Unit (DCU)
305-02B5-Slot Chassis with Power Supply, 115/230 VAC
305-01ZModule, High Speed Counter
305-01TOutput Module, Relay, 8 pts
305-01SModule, I/O Simulator, 8 pts
305-01NInput Module, 24 VDC Sink 8 pts
305-01DAAnalog Output, 4-20 ma or 0-10 VDC, 2 ch
305-01ADAnalog Input, 4-20 ma or 1-5 VDC, 4 ch