Horner Electric

Product Description
HE693ADC4204Ch., 4-20Ma/0-20Ma Analog Input, 2000Vac Isolation, 14-Bit
HE693ADC4154ch., 4-20mA/0-20mA Analog Input, 700Vac Isolation, 14-bit resolution
HE693ADC4104Ch., +/-10Vdc Analog Input Module, 2000Vac Isolation, 14-Bit
HE693ADC4094-Ch.+/-25Mv, +/-50Mv, +/-100Mv
HE693ADC4054ch., +/-10Vdc Analog Input Module, 700Vac Isolation, 14-bit
HE690HPL100Handheld Program Loader
HE670RLY168Field Control 16 Pt High Current Relay Output, 15 Form A and 1 Form C
HE670IBU100Field Control Interbus S Bus Interface
HE670ADC840Field Control Analog Input Module, 8 Ch, 0 to 10Vdc and +/-10Vdc, 400
HE670ADC830Field Control Analog Input Module, 8 Ch, 0 to 10Vdc and +/-10Vdc,
HE670ADC810Analog Input Module 8 Channel
HE670ACC100Input Simulator
HE660SER211Genius sequential event recorder with 8 inputs (30-300VDC)
HE660SER160Sequential Event Recorder, 16pt 24VDC
HE660GGM100RTU/Modbus slave device with (1) Genius + (1) RTU/Modbus port
HE610THM200Series One Thermocouple
HE610RLY110Isolated Relay Output Module
HE610PER200Rs232/422 Adapter Unit
HE610DPC200Bitbus Cpu 32K
HE610ASC24816Mhz 40K Ext Basic 2
HE610ASC24140K Ascii/Basic 2
HE610ADC120Analog Input 16 Ch
HE550DQM701Smart Stix, 32-24Vdc - Log Out
HE550DIM710Smartstix, 32-24Vdc +/- Log In
HE500OCS083Mini Ocs,
HE500OCS053Mini Ocs 8Dc Inputs
HE500OCS052Ocs Display 8Dc Inputs 8 Pos
HE300RSL100RTU Communications Interface for GE AF-300E
HE300IBS100Interbus-S interface board for AF300E drives.
HE300GEN200Genius interface board for AV300/DV300 Drives
HE300GEN100Genius Communications Interface for GE AF-300E
HE300DNT100DeviceNet Interface board for AF300E